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For Student

This is a unique financing option available for students pursuing courses at our Partner Institutes, where the student pays minimal interest payments (approx. 1% of course fee every month) during the moratorium period which covers the course duration and an additional buffer of 1-2 months to allow the student enough time to find a job. The interest payment ensures that the loan amount does not increase for the student during the moratorium period.

Student's repayment of the loan amount begins only after the end of the moratorium period in affordable EMIs (Up to 10 months, based on the salary secured by the student).

No. This option is only available for people who are not earning during the time they are pursuing the course. Working professionals can take our standard EMI financing option. The citeria for the plain EMI options are also defined in the website. You can talk to us for further details. Rest assured, we will be happy to provide you fast, easy financing options with the lowest rates available in the market.


Propelld can provide financing up to 80% of the course fee amount. Students need to fund the remaining 20% from their own sources.

Pay when you earn: If you are a student and you satisfy the minimum academic criteria credentials set for a particular course, then you can qualify for this financing option subject to submission of other documents like address proofs, presence of immediate family member co-guarantor, academic certificates and bank account  statements. 

Standard EMI financing option: If you are a working professsional having a minimum salary of more than Rs 25,000 per month subject to submission of other documents like salary slips, address proofs and bank account  statements.

Not qualifying for any of the above; No need to worry: Get Personalised expert advice to avail the Standard EMI financing option.

You can get in touch with either our Partner Institute or with Propelld to see if you qualify for the financing options provided.

a) Permanent Address Proof (any one of - Passport, Driving License,Voter Id of both applicant and applicant's  co-guarantor)

b) If Current Address is different from Permanent Address then (Any one of Electricity bill, Rent Agreement or Telephone Bill) of both applicant and applicant's co- gurantor reflecting current address

c) Pan Card ( applicant and applicant's  co-guarantor)

d) Aadhar Card (applicant and applicant's co- guarantor)

e) Academic Certificates of Secondary, higher secondary, graduation and post-graduation(if any)

f) Last 6 months bank account statements of both applicant and applicant's co-guarantor

g) Form 16/ITR V of the applicant's co-guarantor

This list is not necessarily a comprehensive list of documents we might require from you. However, keeping these handy while you apply would mean a very quick application time and in turn a very quick turnaround time from our side.


a) Permanent Address Proof - (any one of, Passport, Driving License,Voter Id) of applicant
b) If Current Address is different from Permanent Address - (any one of Electricity bill, Rent Agreement or Telephone Bill of applicant reflecting current address)
c) Pan Card of applicant 
d) Aadhar Card of applicant
e) Academic Certificates of Secondary, higher secondary, graduation and post-graduation(if any)
f) Last 6 months bank account statements and Last 6 months pay slips of applicant
g) Form 16/ITR V of the applicant
h) Proof of employment from the current employer
i) Office Identity Card
This is not a comprehensive list of all the documents we might need to assess whether we could give you the Standard EMI Financing option. But we strongly suggest, having these documents handy to make the application process very seamless and quick. This in turn would help Propelld come back to you very quickly as well.

If the applicant satisfies the minimum criteria for the financing options, he/she can apply online on by submitting the necessary proofs and documents. After the online submission, Propelld will take 24-48 hours for verification and approval and the same will be communicated to the applicant.

The loan will be disbursed within 24 hours once the applicant submits the duly signed loan agreement along with the other required  documents

  • Pay When You Earn: Up to 8 months of moratorium period + up to 10 EMI instalments (Total up to 18 months)
  • Standard EMI Financing: Up to 12 months 

Pay When You Earn Option:

During Moratorium period: Pay interest-only payments (Rs. 500 to Rs 1,000 per month)

After Moratorium period: Pay back EMIs (Rs. 4,000 to Rs 6,000 per month)

Standard EMI financing option:

 Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 6,000 per month.

Depending on the funding amount. For exact numbers, do get in touch with Propelld or our Partner Institute.

Applicants can make the payment via

a) Online Transfer

b) Auto debit 

c) Post Dated Cheques

No prepayment charges are applicable. The student can prepay the loan anytime by paying off the outstanding loan amount at any point of time calculated as per the loan agreement.

If the student is unable to find a job within the stipulated moratorium period, student's EMI obligations would be kept at minimum limit by offering the maximum tenor applicable for the product (10 months). In case the student feels that even the minimum EMI obligations are difficult to satisfy, the student can put in a request to Propelld to restructure the loan based on the payment ability of the student. Propelld may extend the tenor beyond the maximum tenor or offer longer moratorium period depending upon the situation.

Once the loan agreement is signed between the student and the lender, the loan amount will be transferred to the Institute as payment for Course Fees for the student. Even if the student decides to drop out of the course, the upfront amount paid for by the student will not be re-imbursed. The loan will stand as an agreement between the student and the lender which the student is legally bound to repay. We encourage students with boat loads of motivation, perseverance and tenacity to do these Courses and avail of our financing opportunities.

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